Creating Worlds with Stephen King

From Stephen King’s book, “Billy Summers”:

“When I was writing, I forgot to be sad. I forgot to worry about the future. I forgot where I was. I didn’t know that could happen…Did you know that you could sit in front of a screen or a pad of paper and change the world? It doesn’t last, the world always comes back, but before it does, it’s awesome. It’s everything.”

Alice was definitely in the flow.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Life Lessons

This statement by Milwaukee Bucks MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo just speaks volumes to what is required to get into the flow; whether it’s in sports or in the creative work of writing, composing, or improvising. It’s all about being in the now and not worrying about the past or the expectations for the future.

Thanks to philosopher/actor/podcaster Austin Hayden for sharing this.

Sonny Rollins and the Meditation of Playing

This quote from Sonny is so powerful:

“I enjoy just playing my horn and going into the type of meditation that playing involves. It puts me mentally in a place that is always transcendent and above real life. I love playing just for myself. It’s a great experience.”

To My Guitar

Sweet charm of my solitude,
Creator of the calm in my nights,
Share the secret worries
of my tender yearnings!
Now joyful, now plaintive,
Oh guitar, echo of my sighs,
Express with my attentive voice
Both my pain and my pleasure

Excerpt from nineteenth-century poem

Artwork by Alena Aenami

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